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Working on re-arranging some stuff on the site. Some additions, some subtractions, and some resurrections.


Did you know I make 1" buttons? You want them! You want them for your (band, art, logo, et cetra and such)! Your friends want them, too! Here's the specs:
You supply the art, I print and make 'em, you sell 'em.

My rate is
$75 for 250 buttons
$100 for 500
$150 for 1000. (not available during school semester)
$250 for 1500. (not available during school semester)
$300 for 2000. (not available during school semester)
(If you want any quantities in between, email me at fawndolyn@gmail.com)

$15 shipping (no shipping charge for local hand-deliveries/pickups, of course). And about a week-and-a-half leeway for assemblage.

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send love letters, hate mail, and money to fawndolyn@gmail.com