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I'm Fawndolyn. I live in Rochester, NY. I'm 32. I work at a community college as network support for students. I have degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and some medical studies. I also continue to study French, but without anyone to talk with, my conversation/pronunciation skills are nil. My hobbies are FX makeup, sewing, comics, urban exploration, listening to live music with friends, illustrating, reading, baking, and making craft jewelry (steampunk & macabre). You should join me sometime.



"You're not a disappointment to me... you're just sorta the off-season."
"You have bad taste in smells."
"You're endlessly talented... and if I recall correctly, you're one of the best kissers I've ever encountered."
"Your gums are the equivalent of a ninety seven year old's who's never seen a toothbrush."
Dr. Sannon
"Your urine is GROSSLY infected."
Dr. Chang
"I can rely on you for all my verbal assault needs."
"My lady, you are as generous as you are morally deficient!"
"You're cute because you look like a pigeon caught in a six-pack ring."
"You look way hotter than a dead rabbit on the side of the road."

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