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29 July, 2011

Air-Conditioned Nightmares

Took a nap when I got home the other night, and woke up three hours later when one of my usual "hiding in a giant clusterfuck maze-like house" dreams turned into a hotseat dream, where I was about to get my second tooth surgery. I started calling out for help, but for who? I couldn't believe, and I can't even write it here, it's such a vile though- turning it into a psychological nightmare. Then they injected me, cut me open, and told me the cadaver bone graft didn't take, and I woke up.

My nightmares usually happen just outside the borders of sleep, where I seem awake but am slurring my speech, saying nonsense things, when in my mind, I'm just trying to say what's happening to me, and trying to tell whoever's listening to wake me up. Sometimes, when the dreams are particularly bad, I become paralyzed, and the most I can do is try to shake the bed with my quick and erratic breathing, and try to tap out SOS with my hand. At least I think I'm tapping out SOS. The panic'd breathing usually wakes Charles up so he can save me.

But last night, I had a weird one. These two fellows stood outside my bedroom door, actually in the entryway to my living room, and they stared at me. I freaked out and yelled for Charles to turn on the light. The little one kept nodding its head from side to side, and the tall one had fur all over his face. Finally, Charles turned on the light, but I still saw them, just for a minute, and I watched as they faded back into the realms of dreams. In retrospect, I'd loved to have just gotten up to talk to them, but I know I'd be just as scared. I'll keep waiting for them to come back, though. Maybe they'll take me to the circus.


10 June, 2011

I Don't Think So, Pal!

Syfy has a new TV movie coming out next month called Neverland, which is a prequel to the classic Peter Pan story, depicting how they arrived there. The trailer looks fantastic! Except for one... hundred things.

Okay, it is entirely visually pleasing, if I pretend the lead baddy is NOT supposed to be my darling (get it?) Captain Hook. Great cinematography and whatnot. Worrisome is a character that looks very similar to my female lead in my Neverland comic book project.

But my problem with Rhys Ifans playing Hook? Everything. Should I start with the blond hair and brown eyes? Or the picture of him as Peter Pan's father (as assumed by the trailer)? There are millions of other places I could start- not only with Ifans, but with the whole premise. It looks like just another film written by someone who hasn't done his research.

The director/writer Nick Willing says this about him: "the reason why I imagined Rhys in the role is because he makes villainy sympathetic. You start to understand what it is that's good about the terrible, evil things that he does, and that of course is the hallmark of any great villain."

Yes, that's Captain Hook there- the tragic villain. A brilliant character. A billion better actors could have played that role, and you had to pick Hugh Grant's weirdo roommate from Notting Hill? Shit, give it back to Jason Isaacs (pretty please!) or even Dustin Hoffman! I mean, if you're going to re-cast Bob Hoskins as Smee...

Anyway, I wish I saw this coming. I've finished thumbnailing the first book of my comic, but I am having a considerable difficulty finding the right style for it... and now I'm second-guessing some of my layout decisions...

I gotta get cracking.

23 May, 2011


I made 5 pieces for Rochester Contemporary's annual 6x6 art show. Each piece gets hung in the gallery down in the East End and you can buy one for $20. They get thousands of entries from all over the world. You can view all the entries at the 6x6x2011 site, and vote! In fact, you can look mine up and vote for my 6x6 pieces! Some of them are (purposely) crap, but there's a couple that I actually painted with heart. You can search by number. My entries are #2678 through #2683 (#2682 & 3 are my favourites). You will have to provide an email address and then click a verify link. But it's quick. There's no 'signing up' or anything.

29 May, 2010

Like Dreamers Do

I sat down to watch Blue Velvet (I FINALLY added it to my collection) and signed onto Twitter on a whim. The first post was from Warren Ellis. It was the grimmest news. Dennis Hopper is dead. He was 74 years old. He died of prostate cancer at his home in Venice, CA, surrounded by his family. I cried. A lot. But I'm not positive why, because I hadn't seen a lot of his films. I guess because, what I did see was beyond amazing. Super Mario Bros was my first. I know, I know. LAME. But he made that fucking movie! Soon after, I saw Waterworld, and I don't care what everyone says, I liked that movie, and once again, Dennis Hopper made that movie.

I never understood what it is that makes Celebrity Deaths so tragic, but I think I get it now, except there's still some confusion. The nation (excluding me) were devastated to find out Michael Jackson had died, but he didn't do anything for ages, except touch a few kids, swing a kid from the balcony, and fall to pieces on stage. The man was a disaster, but people still loved him. Dennis Hopper was still up and running, doing film-after-film, and even narrating a story for a song by Gorillaz. I still wonder if any other fans cried for him.

25 April, 2009

Tora-Con 2009 Recap

First, I must say that Aliza Jayne is amazing! She made my dress, her dress, and Tiffani's skirt. We all looked adorable together :)

I sold things like a fiend! I made about a 40% profit :) I got to make a few custom hats on the spot, and even dealt with some stiff competition. I didn't sell nearly as many buttons as I'd hoped, but I sold enough. I tried to sell my fractured skull mask. Hundreds of people picked it up, but then carefully put it down when I said "$30." Come on, $30!

There were SO many awesome costumes, including a very nicely done Pyramid Head, and an AMAZING Faust (from Guilty Gear- one of my favourite fighting games). Faust was my favourite, and oooooh, the man under the paper bag was CUTE! I couldn't tell if I was blushing from being stuck in line with him for a half hour or because it was 80 degrees (F) out at 9am. But he had a cute Wa Lolita girlfriend. And oh yeah. I have a cute boyfriend, too :p

I had two head-dresses. One was already made and on display, the other was still in the works. I didn't think it would sell as fast as it did (I made about ten sales in 3 seconds during the first rush) so I had to really crack down and finish the other one, which didn't sell at all (which was odd, because I thought it was the better one).

I sold a couple hats for $20 but then brought them down to $15. I also haggled the prices, and sometimes they worked in my favor (like, the price went UP!). I had one crown which sold for 15, some buttons, random cogs, and resin shapes with cogs inside that I didn't end up turning into pendants that sold for a dollar, And many lace wrist cuffs that sold out (except one pair) for 5.

I had a happy day :)

22 February, 2009

Fear the Diello!

There was recently a post over on Whitechapel called "Draw Me" where members post pictures of themselves up and hope someone draws them. Well, I just HAD to throw in my photo of when I had just lost my front tooth. And lo and behold, Paul Sizer that wonderful man, posted this glorious illustration that just made my day. I promptly printed it off and framed it. He even wrote up a cute little dialog:
"FEAR THE DIELLO! She is fierce, and not afraid to lose a tooth in the pursuit of handing you your ass if you need it handed to you! See her gap! See the speedlines! You know this will end badly... for YOU!"

20 December, 2008

Universe Parlour

Miss Chamera's Parlour had another gathering. I made the fliers for it and me, Tyres and Mr. Creazil (Caleb and Sara) passed them out to people). The turnout was significantly smaller this time around, but we still had a good time. It was held at The Mez, and a few nights beforehand, Tyres came out to my place to pick up ALL my paintings from the walls to put up over there... where they still hang, until the end of the year when I go pick them up.

21 May, 2008

R.I.P. Rory Root

People asked me why I felt such loss for someone I'd never met or really mentioned before. Loss, sure, but moreso an emptiness. The creator of my Mecca had perished. He was a staple in part of my life's plan, and the reason why is because he accomplished the one goal I've had since getting into comics, and that was to open a comic bookstore. His store Comic Relief was the embodiment of all that a comic bookstore should be: something for everyone, everyone! I wanted that, and he did it. I was so happy it existed. I wanted to open one like it on this side of the country. I thought about it. I even pitched the idea to mom, who loved the idea of our own bookstore, and if it happened between the two of us, I'd have the store split into two sections, so I could have a whole side dedicated to graphic novels and comics. If I ever do end up opening one, I'd call it Root's.

6 February, 2008

My Beautiful Sinking Ship

Charles and I rented Tuvalu, a beautiful Bulgarian film with silent star qualities. It seemed a tad strange at first, then started coming together in a fantastic way. Many parts of the movie were sped up to give you a feeling of watching an old-time flick. It used hues and tones that were consistent per scene, but changed throughout. The score was brilliant. I never saw Metropolis, but the movie was described as being like a combination of Delicatessen and Metropolis. I definitely saw the Delicatessen side of it.


2 February, 2008

Stars In Her Eyes

Charles and I went to see Voltaire perform at Trexx nightclub in Syracuse last night. We left a little late, but thankfully, as my friend Keegan informed me, Voltaire wouldn't be performing until midnight. So off we went, a little late, and then like clockwork (a clock that goes off at the most inconvenient times, that is), Charles gets a jonesin' for some Starbucks coffee. So we stop at a highway rest stop and lo and behold, who is getting out of a car in the next parking row? Brendan and Erika and Jyinn! I was elated to see that Brendan had decided on wearing a Star Trek uniform, and let me tell you, that outfit paid off! I will tell you in a moment.

Trexx is a god-awful club that I like only when Voltaire is showing up. It's just not my cuppa tea. Upon arrival, Charles got me a beer, and I found Voltaire standing against the bar, freezing, the poor dear. And we chewed the fat briefly, and I went to find some other friends that had come. Later, I found Voltaire next to the heater at the other bar, and Voltaire, Brendan and I chatted away about Vertex (the only goth club- not goth night- ever, located in Rochester), and I made him blush by talking about Jamie and how much he loves her (d'awwwwww!), sex toys, and then he started groping my shirt (in a very convenient location, if you get my drift), because he liked it... it's the shirt called Spoilt, located at Best shirt ever, because it gets hot people like Voltaire to stare at your rack for hours.

The show was phenomenal, as usual, but the two best parts were when Voltaire pulled Brendan on stage to record the audience and show up close, and then at the end of When You're Evil, Voltaire knealed down into the audience and kissed me! I'll be blushing for years.

5 January, 2008

A Gaggle of Goths

On the 3rd, Charles took me to Club Shampoo in Philadelphia to be in Voltaire's first music video for the new song "Happy Birthday (my old friend)." Truth be told, I honestly didn't think he'd pick me. At first it was come all ye faithful, but then it turned out that he could only invite a hundred people, so I hadn't a hope in my heart or a costume on my body. So I was extremely shocked when he picked me to not only be in the video, but also bake a cake! Excited, but not sure it'd go well (I've had miserable luck when it comes to on-camera action, not to mention, the camera hates me unless it's my own).

Cake in hand, and a last-minute costume on, I walked in and immediately found myself underdressed, to which Voltaire assured me, "you're not underdressed. Don't worry." I set my cake down and began to wrap empty boxes in gift wrap in a corner (after all, it was a birthday party). My first friend was the lovely Poppet's Mum, who was wonderfully friendly (I didn't think I'd make any friends there). The only person I knew and had met in person before was my friend Linsay's best friend Kat, who'd modeled for Gothic Beauty Magazine and made her own remarkably amazing gothic victorian dresses.

Also, I adore Voltaire's girlfriend Jaymee, who did my hair and makeup (I apparently was the only one who'd said she could do whatever she wanted to me). Also, Jaymee + Voltaire are the cutest thing ever to hit Cutesville. They could give a dentist cavities.

5 November, 2008

Halloween Treats

I went to see my friend Ross Campbell at a gallery opening reception on Saturday. He was there with Sullen Grey's Drew Rausch, and we all had a good time. I scored a bottle of ketchup from Ross, and his Mountain Girl comics (as well as 3 Wet Moon prints), and I got the whole Sullen Grey collection and Drew's manga Dark Goodbye, which was signed and personalized. But I didn't get anything signed by Ross, because he hates me for not finishing Wet Moon #2.

In other news, I got a decent photo from Halloween, where Charles and I dressed as Lenore and Mr. Gosh (characters of Roman Dirge). I stole this foto from my friend Heather's myspace.

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