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I Married James Hook is my pet project. It's not a love story. It is a murder mystery and a war story. It is about Captain Hook, Valentine, Kat, and the rest of the pirates banding together to defeat the evil Peter Pan before his reckless abandonment destroys all of Neverland. It's about them changing the world before it changes them. It's about fallen angels, and born devils. It's about figuring out which one you are in the end. And I've been thumbnailing and changing for a shamefully long time now. It is coming. In the meantime, most of my production updates can be found on livejournal (while some character designscan be found above).

Sunshine and Sweet Potato is a collaborative project between me and my date Grebben. We started these when we began going to diners all the time after midnight. Creating these was our study-break. He draws them, and then I write the dialog.
We have over 30 napkins with SSP comics on them, so be on the look-out, just as soon as I clean them up in photoshop.

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