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A Voice in the Dark

A homework assignment - 2 pages, at least 12 panels.

I'd been sitting on the idea of turning one of the missions from Zombies Run! into a comic for a long time now? specifically this story, "A Voice in the Dark," which is my favourite. Now it's just the first segment, but I am planning on drawing the rest soon.

In the title block, I've credited Six To Start, Naomi Alderman (the chief writer for the app's stories), and myself as the artist (and Runner Five's dialog is also my own).

DEFINITELY BUY THE APP (click the icon above for more info)! Zombies Run 2 just came out recently, and it's SO worth it to buy a season pass to access every mission as it comes out, plus side quests! It is my all-time favourite app! And it's the best app you'll ever buy if you want to train for the zombie apocalypse!

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