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My Hobby

Here's a bunch of things I like to do that doesn't fit into the categories of my galleries (or maybe I was just being lazy and didn't want to make more gallery links).

Sometimes in the summer, I'm asked to join a body art booth run by my cousin Pele. She's amazing and can do just about any acrobatic act you could think of (she also runs a side show of which I am also a part). These are a few of the henna and skin stains I did on customers at a street fair in Webster, NY.

I sometimes offer my services as a special FX makeup artist for local horror films, and sometimes, I even perform in them! I also make film and stage props, and pose as a human statue at live sideshow events.

I used to perform weekly in Rochester, NY's cast A Rather Tasteless Joke before they changed to a monthly show called Ancient Spirits of Evil. I was also in The First Church of Rocky Horror in Buffalo, and sometimes help out with Buffalo's latest cast Further Indignities. The list of who I haven't played is shorter than the list of who I have played.

I love pumpkin carving! I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Unfortunately, I only started taking photos (er, photo) last Halloween. There will be many more to come!

Late at night, or sometimes, even during the day, I dumpster dive and explore abandoned buildings. I rescue all sorts of things, from lab equipment and useful tools, good boots and cool toys, to ancient books and antique lamps.

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