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Musique (non-stop)

Each link takes you to a page with the song list, as well as the download link. Several more music mixes are currently in the works, so keep an eye out. Something to note: I name my mixes after a lyric from a song on the mix. Can you pick them out? (hint: they are never the title of the song, band, or album they came from).

To Me, Coming From You. The first half of my old-school mix of 90s music.

Softly Spoken Lies. The second half of my old-school mix of 90s music.

Écoutez Moi. Some of my favourite French songs (I put this mix together for class).

Waiting Beside The Tree. A (mostly Xmas, sorry) holiday mix, with bonus tracks!

I Don't Mind The Sun Sometimes. Part 1 of my Summer mix.

Feeling Fine Under The Sky. Part 2 of my summer mix.

As White Snow Doth Fall. Holiday mix for 2014

We're Made Of Star Stuff. Science and Science Fiction mix. Coming Soon.
Fort Comme Vous l'Aime. My second French mix. Coming Soon.
No Fear, No Sadness. Japanese mix. Coming soon.

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